1. Pull down the status bar twice, find the WLAN icon, and click ∨ in the lower right corner to expand the quick switch WLAN menu.
2. Settings - Network and Internet - WLAN, select the wireless network name, enter the network security key, and click Connect.
Pull down the notification bar, the shortcut switch will appear, then pull down to expand all the switches, and click the location information (or GPS) to turn off the positioning.
There are four possible reasons and solutions for the failure of the mobile phone to connect with other Bluetooth devices:
1. When other mobile phones cannot be searched, please confirm whether the Bluetooth of other mobile phones is turned on and in a searchable state.
2. When the Bluetooth headset cannot be searched, please confirm that the headset is already in the searchable state (entering the pairing mode). The operation methods for different Bluetooth headsets to enter the matching mode are not exactly the same. For related settings, please refer to the manual of the headset or on the Internet. Looking for a solution, generally a matchable pattern is when the red and blue lights flash alternately.
3. When it prompts that it cannot connect with other mobile phones when sending files, please confirm whether other mobile phones support receiving files, or whether they support receiving files of this type.
4. In some cases, the mobile phone cannot be connected to other devices because the protocol does not support it. At this time, it is necessary to check the Bluetooth protocol support capability of the mobile phone and other devices.
The following situations may cause the mobile phone to have no signal:
SIM card not recognized:
1. Please make sure the SIM card is inserted correctly.
2. Check whether the icon in the status bar of the mobile phone shows the no-card logo. If the no-card logo is displayed, please confirm whether the SIM card is valid. You can insert the card into other mobile phones to check whether it is normal.
1. Network quality problems. It may be that the current network signal is poor and there is no signal. Please wait for a while or go to a place with a better signal to use your mobile phone.
2. The SIM card is not deactivated. For dual-SIM phones, please click Settings - Dual-SIM Settings to confirm that the card is enabled.
The descriptions of the menu paths in different versions are slightly different.
It may be due to the weakening of the WiFi signal due to interference. WiFi signal transmission is transmitted in the air through wireless signals. Factors such as terminal antenna, signal interference, transmission distance, and obstacles during transmission will all cause the attenuation of WiFi signal transmission process and affect WiFi speed. Therefore, in general, the WiFi rate will be lower than the wired rate.
1. Please confirm whether the SIM card matches the frequency band supported by the mobile phone.
2. 4G network may be unstable due to operator coverage issues, which does not affect calls. Please turn off 4G first and then check whether the signal is normal. 4G can be turned on when needed.
3. Some of the clipped cards are not in good contact with the card slot, which will also cause the signal to be unstable.
1. In order to ensure normal search. Please use GPS in outdoor open areas;
2. Please do not use metal mobile phone case to prevent the signal from being shielded;
3. Please make sure to upgrade the mobile phone software version and navigation software to the highest version.
First make sure that both devices have the Bluetooth function turned on normally and can be detected by Bluetooth.
Select the file to be sent, click Share-Bluetooth, and the phone will automatically search for available devices.
Click the name of the device to receive the file.
After the other device receives the file, a prompt box will pop up, click Accept. Open the notification panel to view the file receiving progress.
The received files are stored in the bluetooth folder of the phone by default.
Share pictures and videos freely via Bluetooth
When browsing pictures or videos in full screen in the gallery, you can quickly share pictures and videos through the built-in sharing function.
Make sure both devices have Bluetooth enabled and can be detected by Bluetooth.
Open the gallery, select the picture or video you want to send, and browse in full screen. Then click Share > Bluetooth, and the phone will automatically search for available devices.
Click the name of the device to receive the file.
After the other device receives the file, a prompt box will pop up, click Accept . Open the notification panel to view the file receiving progress.
The received files are stored in the bluetooth folder of the phone by default.
Possible causes and solutions:
1. Please confirm whether your mobile phone supports the OTG function. The OTG function requires hardware function design. Not all Android models support OTG by default.
2. Please confirm whether the format of the connected microSD card is FAT format, whether it exceeds the maximum SD capacity supported by the mobile phone, etc.
3. When the OTG cable is connected to the USB storage device, the mobile phone provides power for the USB storage device, and the current driving capacity of the mobile phone is limited, and the USB mobile hard disk with high power supply requirements may not be recognized. USB device.
1. Make sure that the phone to be connected is turned on and has sufficient power.
2. Make sure the connected mobile phone is within the effective range (10 meters) and the Bluetooth has been turned on.
3. Make sure the phone is not connected to other Bluetooth devices of the same type.
4. Turn on the "open detection" function of the Bluetooth interface of the two mobile phones to make the mobile phone in the "discoverable mode".
5. Restart the phone and try to search again.
1. Make sure the car Bluetooth is turned on;
2. The mobile phone and vehicle are within the effective range (10 meters);
Different brands of cars have different ways to turn on the "discoverable mode" of in-vehicle Bluetooth. Most cars enter the Bluetooth interface in the car settings, turn on the Bluetooth switch, turn on the Bluetooth visibility switch, and enter the device discovery interface, and then go to the phone settings > Bluetooth > Search for devices initiates a search operation. For the detailed methods of different vehicles, you need to consult the vehicle manual to operate;
4. Generally, the discovery time of car bluetooth is set to 60~120s. After the time has passed, the mobile phone will not be able to search for car bluetooth. Please re-open the car's "Bluetooth Visibility" switch and search for connection again;
Some in-vehicle Bluetooth does not allow to initiate a connection from the mobile phone, and can only be connected to the mobile phone through the in-vehicle Bluetooth search.
1. The mobile phone signal is greatly affected by the network environment, please choose an area with a better network environment. If the problem persists, please try to reinsert the SIM card or restart the phone.
2. Please upgrade your mobile phone to the latest version. The latest version will further optimize the software for the existing network problems found.
3. The use of the cut-out mobile phone card may have poor contact with the card holder, which will also affect the network signal. It is recommended to replace the standard card in the business hall
4. If your mobile phone is a mobile phone with a metal back cover, due to the shielding effect of the metal itself, the signal will be slightly weaker than other models with a plastic back cover. The same principle, the metal protective cover may also cause interference to the signal, please try your best. Avoid using such cases.
5. Please compare other mobile phones to see if the signal strength is the same. If the signal is unstable, it means that there is a problem with the local network coverage. It is recommended to try again in a place with a better signal.
The phone cannot use the 4G network / does not display the 4G signal:
1. Please confirm whether the following conditions are met:
1) The mobile phone supports 4G network. For some customized mobile phones, only the SIM card of the corresponding operator can use 4G normally.
2) The operator covers the 4G network locally.
3) The SIM card is a 4G card that supports the 4G network (ensure that the 4G service has been activated, please consult the operator for details).
4) The SIM card has opened a 4G data package.
5) Please confirm that the 4G switch is turned on (some mobile customized models do not have a 4G switch, and the system turns on 4G by default).
6) Please enter Settings - Network and Internet - Dual SIM Settings - Network Mode, and set the preferred network mode to 4G/3G/2G (some models do not have this setting item).
7) Please use the standard SIM card provided by the operator, cutting the card or non-standard SIM card may cause the mobile phone to fail to work normally. If you have replaced a new SIM card, please call the operator, refresh your background data, cooperate with the refresh data, restart the phone and try again.
2. If you still cannot use the 4G network after meeting the above conditions, please try:
1) Go to Settings - Network and Internet - Dual SIM Settings - Mobile Network - Access Point Name (APN), and reset the APN to the default setting in the menu options.
2) Re-switch the 4G switch once.
3) Restart the phone.
4) Restore the factory settings after backing up the data.
3. If you still cannot use 4G after the above attempts, please bring the purchase invoice to the after-sales outlet for testing.
1. It is necessary to turn on the Bluetooth of the mobile phone to make it in discoverable mode before it can be searched by other devices. Please enter Settings - Connected Devices - Connection Preferences - Bluetooth, click "Enable", select "Pair with new device", and then in Restart the search on another device.
2. If it still cannot be searched, it is recommended to turn on and off the Bluetooth of the mobile phone or restart the mobile phone and try to search again.
1. The number of "paired devices" in some car storage is limited. When the upper limit is reached, pairing cannot be performed. Please try to delete one device in the car paired list, and then try to initiate a pairing connection;
2. If you can't connect after the above operations, please clear the paired list on the mobile phone side and the car side, restart the car and start the search and pairing again.
It is also possible that the connection cannot be made due to the incompatibility of the on-board Android Auto
If you feel stuck when using online, please try the following methods:
1. Confirm whether your mobile data network or Wi-Fi network is in good condition. If the network status is not good, the webpage will be refreshed slowly, causing the phenomenon of freezing.
2. Try to replace other apps of the same type to see if it freezes. If other applications do not freeze, it may be a problem with the application server or a problem with the audio/video resources being played.
3. When playing videos online, if the network status is not good, it is recommended to replace the low-quality viewing.
4. Compare other mobile phones to watch the same content in the same network environment. If there is also a high lag, it may be a network problem. It is recommended to change the network and try.
Possible causes and solutions:
1. Some networked applications cannot load resources: If the network is unstable, some networked applications may not be able to load network data after connection. It is recommended that you try to use a different network.
2. System resources are tight: When connecting or switching networks, some applications will start some background services because they meet the networking conditions (for example, the application store has set up automatic software updates in a wifi environment), which will instantly cause high resource occupation and cause system freezes. The response is slow, please wait for a while to return to normal.
Generally, the effective distance between a Bluetooth headset and a mobile phone can reach 10 meters, but this refers to the farthest distance between the mobile phone and the Bluetooth headset without obstacles. Bluetooth transmission is easily interfered by external signals, such as object blocking, complex Wi-Fi Environment, microwave, multi-Bluetooth environment, etc. will affect the distance and stability of Bluetooth
Please click Settings-Linked Devices-Bluetooth-Paired Devices to see if the media audio is connected. If it is not connected, make sure that the headset is not connected to other mobile phones, and then reconnect the Bluetooth headset.
Please confirm whether the Bluetooth headset supports the function of listening to music.