You can try the following three methods to turn off the sound of the phone camera: 1. In the settings menu of the camera interface, find the option to turn on mute when taking pictures. 2. Find the sound settings in the phone settings menu and set the sound mode to "silent mode".
First of all, please confirm whether the mobile phone speaker is blocked by the hand, mobile phone holster, decorative shell, etc. If the speaker is blocked, there will be noise. Secondly, please confirm whether the music files played by the mobile phone are high-quality files. If the quality of the audio source is poor, noise will occur.
Reason: During a call, the phone will recognize the call status and turn to mute, and the music player will also stop playing. Suggestion: After the call is over, the phone will be restored, it is not a malfunction of the phone, please use it with confidence. If you still cannot recover after the call is over, please restart the phone and try again.
1. If the online music played by a third-party music player is automatically paused, it may be a network signal problem. Please check whether the network signal is normal. If the network signal is weak, please move the mobile phone to a place with a strong signal. 2. If the local music is playing, please check whether there is an operation that requires a prompt tone, such as a text message or a message notification. If it occurs, it is caused by the underlying file being called, which is a normal phenomenon. 3. Upgrade your phone to the latest version.
The third-party audio APP itself has sound effects, which may be superimposed with the sound effects of the mobile phone, resulting in the deterioration of the sound effects of some songs.
Hello, this is because some third-party music players (such as Spotify, some versions of Youtube Music) give users the control of music playback for better user experience, and users can choose to manually pause the music when calling
It may be due to the fact that you are using a headset that is not compatible with the mobile phone. When using other headsets, there will be only a background melody and a small singing voice. It may also be because the four metal rings on the headphone plug are not fully inserted into the headphone jack. When the last metal ring of the headphone ring is inserted into the headphone jack, if you hear a "pop" sound, it means that the headphone has been inserted in place. After the earphones are inserted in place, check again whether the earphones are normal.
The mobile phone does not support external stereo playback, that is, the external sound of the mobile phone only comes out of the speaker, and there is no sound from the earpiece. This is a normal phenomenon, not a malfunction of the mobile phone. Please use it with confidence.
1. During a call, adjust the volume key + key to increase the volume. 2. Move the phone so that the receiver is facing the ear. 3. Check whether the film, tempered film and mobile phone cover block the receiver on the top of the mobile phone. 4. It is recommended that users try not to use it in an environment with a large amount of metal powder. The magnetic material of the earpiece will absorb the powder, resulting in low sound. 5. When talking in a noisy environment, the background noise can easily overwhelm the sound of the receiver. Please talk in a quieter place.
1. If you hear a slight rustling sound, this is a normal phenomenon. A slight background noise will help you judge the current call status. 2. If you hear a serious zizi sound that affects your normal calls, it is recommended that you check whether this problem exists in any call, or only with a certain phone communication, if only a certain number has a problem with the call , there may be a problem with the phone of the person you are talking to. 3. If there is a problem with any call, it is recommended that you back up your data and go to our after-sales outlet for inspection and maintenance with the purchase certificate.
1. On the call interface, press the volume up key to increase the call volume. 2. If it is used in a noisy environment, it will subjectively feel that the sound is small. 3. Please adjust the grip properly and align the ear to the earpiece, which can effectively increase the volume. 4. Please confirm whether the volume of the earpiece is normal when used in a normal environment. If there is still a problem, please go to the service outlet to check whether it is a quality problem.
1. First confirm the problem phenomenon, and judge whether it is a intermittent and probabilistic current sound problem. If it is possible, the reasons are as follows: 1) The network problem is related to the strength of the network signal at the time of the call. It is recommended to move to an area with better signal before making a call 2) Turn off the 4G network switch first and then make a call to confirm whether there is improvement. If there is improvement, it means that the current 4G network is a newly deployed network, and there is certain instability. 2. According to the phenomenon of the problem, if the sound of ""ZZZ"" appears when the volume is high, and it is judged that it has nothing to do with the network environment, the possible reasons are as follows: 1) If the voice of some people is fuller, the human ear is particularly sensitive to this part of the frequency, so when talking with some specific people, you may hear a slight noise, which will be more obvious for users with more sensitive ears . 2) When there is discomfort in the sense of hearing, please appropriately lower the volume by 1~2 bars, which can obviously solve this problem. 3) If you lower the volume and find that the volume is too low, please properly adjust the position of the earpiece and the human ear, and point the earpiece to the human ear. 4) For users who need to use mobile phone calls in high volume scenarios (such as noisy environments) for a long time, it is recommended that you use auxiliary devices such as earphones and Bluetooth earphones to make calls.
Phone plays music automatically Please confirm whether you have accidentally touched the buttons of the wired headset or Bluetooth headset, or misoperated the leather case, desktop music icons, etc. Please click "Settings - Sound - Ringtone" to confirm whether the incoming call ringtone or notification tone you set is the music (such as a song) saved in the phone. If you set music, when some third-party applications play a sound or ringtone, the music playback will be called, making you mistakenly believe that the music is playing automatically. You can choose the system's own ringtone or shorter music as the prompt tone. Some third-party music playing applications have an auto-play function, please check whether the auto-play function is turned on in the settings of the application.
Adjust the volume of ringtones for incoming calls and messages or the volume of multimedia and alarm clocks, without causing discomfort due to loud or low volume. 1. Enter "Settings-Sound" to set the volume of ringtones and alarms, media, notifications, and calls (the path may be different for different models). 2. The volume of the call is adjusted by pressing the volume up and down keys directly during the call. 3. The volume of audio playback is to directly press the volume up and down keys to adjust the volume during playback. 4. You can also press the volume key, and there is an expand button on the far right of the pop-up floating menu. You can click the expand button to find various volume setting buttons.
1. Please try to listen to other songs, or play them through headphones to compare and test whether there is a problem with the sound source. 2. When playing a song, if the volume is adjusted too much, there may be a slight popping sound. It is recommended to lower the volume appropriately. 3. Please check the horn holes for impurities, and do not block the horn holes. 4. Check whether there is strong magnetic field interference near the speaker. 5. It is recommended that you first try to play songs with your own music player.
1. Please check whether the phone is in silent state. If yes, turn up the volume. 2. Please confirm whether the block call is enabled in the third-party application. If so, please unblock the settings. 3. Please confirm whether the current network signal is normal. If the signal is weak or no signal, please try again in a place with a strong signal. 4. Please check whether the Do Not Disturb mode is turned on. Click "Settings - Sound - Do Not Disturb" to view
1. Please try to plug the headset into other devices to determine whether the headset is damaged. 2. Please confirm that you are using a US-style (CTIA) earphone or a standard earphone. If you use other earphones, the sound may be distorted or the function may not be normal due to incompatibility. 3. Please turn the earphone to ensure that the earphone has been inserted all the way. 4. If the problem still exists, please bring the purchase invoice and warranty card to the nearby after-sales outlet for inspection.