Collaboration with Morpho
Mar 09. 2024
Collaboration with Morpho

DOOGEE Unveils Brand-new DK-Series Rugged Phone in Collaboration with Morpho!


DOOGEE proudly announces an exciting partnership with industry leader Morpho to introduce the groundbreaking DK-Series, set to redefine the landscape of rugged phone photography. Leveraging Morpho's cutting-edge imaging algorithms, the DOOGEE DK-Series represents the epitome of rugged phones, embodying a fusion of state-of-the-art technology and unparalleled performance. Unleashing a new era in image processing, this collaboration elevates the standards of the rugged phone industry.

Equipped with Morpho's unparalleled image processing capabilities, the DK-Series transcends conventional boundaries with its advanced AI technology, empowering users to capture exceptional moments with unparalleled clarity and precision. From breathtaking landscapes to dynamic action shots, every photograph taken with the DK-Series is transformed into a work of art, symbolizing the pinnacle of technological innovation.

In addition to its exceptional photography features, the DK-Series stands out for its rugged durability and top-tier performance, setting a new benchmark for mobile devices designed for outdoor adventures. Crafted to withstand the most challenging conditions, the DK-Series is poised to accompany explorers on their journeys, providing unwavering reliability and cutting-edge functionality.

The DK-Series, also known as the Duke Series, encapsulates the essence of luxury within a rugged phone, exemplifying a seamless blend of premium design, superior materials, and elegant aesthetics. By merging luxury elements with the rugged characteristics of the outdoors, the DK-Series underscores how a rugged phone can enhance outdoor experiences by seamlessly integrating with nature, delivering robust connectivity features, and conquering the unpredictable challenges of extreme wilderness conditions.

Morpho is a renowned leader in image processing technology and avant-garde AI research, boasting a global reputation for excellence built over extensive years of innovation. Through our collaboration with Morpho, DOOGEE introduces the DK10, tailored for outdoor enthusiasts seeking to encapsulate the essence of luxury and the unbridled beauty of the natural world. With the DK10, users can elevate their photography experience to unprecedented levels, immersing themselves in the opulence of nature while capturing awe-inspiring landscapes and intimate wildlife encounters, all facilitated by the precision and sophistication that define the DOOGEE brand.

Embrace a new era of innovation and resilience with DOOGEE and Morpho. Stay tuned as we prepare to redefine the boundaries of mobile photography with the DK10, which will be available on Mar. 18th on DOOGEE Mall & Aliexpress. More information about DK10 and the GIVEAWAY, please check:

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