CS3,Smart watch




Bluetooth Calling

3D Curved Full Touch

Health Monitoring​

12-Day Battery life​

Dual-core Design

Bluetooth Calling

3D Curved
Full Touch

235 mAh
Large Battery
Watch Faces
Message /

Big Screen, Easy Control

A 1.69-inch HD display gives an unparalleled
visual experience. It is now capable
of displaying more content
and is easier to operate. The 3D curved
glass comes with an anti-fingerprint coating.

Color Accuracy
Viewing angle 178°
Wider color gamut

Bluetooth call

Sync your phone's commonly used contacts
High-fidelity waterproof speakers, Bluetooth hands-free calls,
and original sound in high-definition.
Calls will be pushed to the watch in
real time, whether it's for sports or driving.

Customizable Watch Faces

Match your mood, an outfit or the occasion with a wide
selection of more than 100 stylish watch faces
themes. It also allows you to
personalize the background with your photos.

Dual Processing Powe
Faster and More Efficient

IP68 Deep Waterproof

With an IP68 rating, CS3 is waterproof and
will survive constant hand wash,
rain, and accidental drop into puddles.

*Please do not use in sauna, hot water bath. After spraying, please wipe the water stains dry before operating to maintain the service life of the watch.

Your Personal Trainer For Both Indoor
And Outdoor Workouts

CS3 will show you your fitness stats in real-time, whether
you exercise indoors or outdoors.
This will help you reach your fitness
goals and get more out of your workouts.








24-Hours Health Monitoring

  CS3 has a built-in heart rate monitor with
HRV heart rate variability monitoring.
24 hours a day, it accurately monitors your
heartbeat and alerts you when it is above typical levels.

Sleep Monitoring

Analyse your sleep quality by recording critical data such as deep sleep and light sleep patterns. The smartwatch only saves seven days' worth of sleep data.

Blood Oxygen Monitoring

CS3 tracks your blood oxygen levels,
providing instant results to help
you stay on top of your blood oxygen level.

Female Health

CS3’s health function now includes
a female health tracking
function, which can be set
to track periods via the
Da Fit. The data is synchronized with the watch
and provides automatic monthly
notifications on period and wellness-related events.

Security Period


Menstrual Period

GPS Movement Track

Turning on the running function in the APP
will activate the GPS movement track.
This feature will record
your walk or run path together
with step counts and calories burned,
after which it will save the data for you to review anytime.

Perfectly Match
Your Look

Whether you're getting ready
for a special occasion or
working out, your watch
will look great in any of
the six available strap
colors. The liquid silicone
straps are soft on the skin and
are resistant to dirt and dust. 

Extended  Battery Life

A full charge of the CS3's battery provides power for up to
12 days of normal use, so you never
have to worry about running out of juice.


Large Battery

12 Days

Normal Usage

7 Days

Heavy Usage

Everyday Tasks Made Easy

Alarm Work
Music Player
Bluetooth Phone
Camera Control
Bright Adjustment
Do Not Disturb

Multiple Quality

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