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DOOGEE Wireless
Charging Stand WL10

Stay Powered Up Wirelessly

· 50W Wireless Super Charge
· Dual-coil Design
· Intelligent Charging Management

* This product is compatible with DOOGEE DK10.
More models will be supported in the near future.

50W Wireless Super Charge

57Min to Fully Charge

Quickly recharge during your spare time, efficiently catering to your work and entertainment needs. It can charge your phone from 0 to 100% in just 57 minutes!

* Charging data comes from DOOGEE laboratory.

Dual Built-in Coils for Horizontal
and Vertical Charging

With built-in dual coils, DOOGEE WL10 wireless charging stand supports sensitive induction charging with a larger sensor area and provides better heat dissipation. Simply place your phone horizontally or vertically.

Smart Detection, All-round Protection

With comprehensive all-round protection features, DOOGEE WL10 offers a fast and secure charging experience, prioritizing both speed and safety for you.






Intelligent Protection with Automatic Power-off

With intelligent automatic power-off upon full charge, you can rest easy knowing that your devices are safe, even when left on the charging stand overnight.

Foreign Object Detection
to Avoid Security Risks

Built with the metal foreign object detection protection, DOOGEE WL10 prevents battery consumption, high temperatures, or idle consumption in placing metal foreign objects such as keys or coins, providing protection for the charging process of electronic devices.

More Than Just a Charging Stand

Best Visual Angle Design

DOOGEE WL10 has a simple and compact appearance, adopting the best visual angle design. It is not just a wireless charging stand, it can also serve as a phone stand. You can use your phone freely while charging, making it convenient and practical. Whether for watching movies, online meetings, browsing news, or video calls, your device can be stably placed, keeping your sight focusing on the content with ease.

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