DK10,Rugged phone


Work with Morpho,
Build Flagship Outdoor Photography

· Morpho Quad Camera™
· 120W Fast Charging & 50W Wireless Charging
· Samsung® S5KGN1 50MP Main Camera
· 6.67" 120Hz 2.5K AMOLED Blind Hole Display
· Flagship-grade Dimensity 8020 6nm 5G Octa Core Processor

Samsung® S5KGN1
50MP Main Camera

64MP Night Vision Camera

IP68 · IP69K · MIL-STD-810H

Flagship-grade Dimensity 8020 6nm
5G Octa Core Processor

120W Fast Charging

Morpho Quad Camera™

6.67" 120Hz 2.5K AMOLED Blind Hole Display

High-Quality Audio Performance

512GB ROM + 2TB
Expansion Storage

50W Wireless

Fast Wi-Fi 6

Samsung® S5KGN1
50MP Main Camera

64MP Night Vision Camera

IP68 · IP69K · MIL-STD-810H

Flagship-grade Dimensity 8020 6nm
5G Octa Core Processor

120W Fast Charging

50MP Ultra Wide-Angle
& Macro Camera

16MP Telephoto Camera

High-Vibration X-axis Linear Motor

32GB RAM (12GB+Up to
20GB Extended RAM)

Dynamic Module

50W Wireless

Fast Wi-Fi 6

120W Fast Charging

Dynamic Module

Brand-new DK Series

The brand-new DK series by DOOGEE is a groundbreaking leap forward in redefining the rugged phone industry and challenging traditional perceptions of a regular rugged phone. Building upon the successful release of the V20 series, DOOGEE has been the first one in the industry to collaborate with Morpho to implement advanced algorithms, elevating the photography system and catering specifically to outdoor enthusiasts. The DK-series boasts an elegant rugged phone design with a breakthrough ultra-thin Kevlar construction, complemented by the AMOLED screen, which is the perfect blend of style and practicality.

Multiple Colors

Take a Closer Look

Emerald Green

Kevlar Black

Unique Kevlar Aviation Material

Ultra-Lightweight Design, Luxury Style

DK10's exquisite design not only enhances its visual appeal but also ensures an ultra-thin and lightweight construction, offering both anti-slip properties and a comfortable grip. Its high-gloss metal vertical side frames on both sides represents a pioneering design.


Ultra-Thin Thickness


Ultra Lightweight

Three Master Lenses
with Super Light and Shadow

Handle Grand Moments
Capture Casual Moments


Ultra Clear Main Camera

· 1/1.31" Super-Sensitive Sensor

· F/1.9 Aperture

· Support 4-in-1 2.4um Fusion Large Pixel

· 7P Lenses

· Support PDAF

· Equivalent to 24mm Focal Length


Night Vision Camera

· 1/2" Sensor Size

· F/1.79 Aperture

· Support 4-in-1 1.4um Fusion Large Pixel

· Support AF

· F/1.8 ± 5% Aperture

· Equivalent to 26mm Focal Length


Ultra Wide-Angle & Macro Camera

· 117° Super Wide FOV

· F/2.2 Aperture

· Support 4-in-1 1.28um Fusion Large Pixel

· 6P Lenses

· Support PDAF

· Support 2.5CM Super Macro Distance

· Equivalent to 16mm Focal Length


Telephoto Camera

· Professional Portrait Lens

· 1/3.09" Sony IMX481 Sensor

· 5P Lenses

· Supports AF

· Equivalent to 50mm Focal Length

Morpho Quad

The Morpho quad camera™ setup of DOOGEE DK10 cleverly utilizes different cameras for varying zoom situations, allowing for both optical zoom and digital zoom capabilities. This innovative feature greatly simplifies photography and promises a seamless image creation experience.


50MP Ultra Wide-Angle Camera


50MP Samsung® Ultra Clear Main Camera


50MP Samsung® Ultra Clear Main Camera


16MP Telephoto Camera

Incredible Samsung® 50MP
Ultra Clear Main Camera

Capture Every Memorable Moment

When photographing in low light, the large sensor brings in a large amount of light. It seems that the subject in front of the lens captures all the light. The 50MP main camera provides astonishing resolution, presenting high-definition, rich details.

Big Senor Size

Professional Master-Level
Main Camera

The 1/1.31" sensor size allows more light to reach each pixel, leading to reduced noise, increased dynamic range, and enhanced image clarity even in challenging lighting situations. DOOGEE DK10 captures stunning photos and brings an expansive dynamic range, allowing you to capture breathtaking images that defy imagination.

Morpho EIS Anti-Shake

Video Stabilization

Through Morpho's professional video stabilization technology, even when photographing in motion or under vibrating environments, DOOGEE DK10 can maintain a clear and smooth image performance.

Morpho EIS UltraZoom

DOOGEE DK10 allows capturing distant objects with clarity and detail. It is particularly useful for capturing breathtaking landscapes or recording sports events. With Morpho, the built-in stabilization and zoom technology opens up new creative possibilities by enabling various zoom levels and camera angles.


DOOGEE DK10 enhances the resolution of zoomed-in images, resulting in sharper and more detailed visuals by analyzing and fusing feature points from multiple frames.

Morpho Super
Night Mode

DOOGEE DK10 enables users to capture brighter and clearer shots at night, presenting night scenes with a greater dynamic range and more details.

Morpho Panorama GP™

Ready to embark on an expedition of capturing those extraordinary moments and eternalize them. DOOGEE DK10’s Morpho Panorama GP™ gracefully rises to meet even the grandest and widest photographic endeavors.

Advanced Beauty

The Advanced Beauty mode of DOOGEE DK10 can accurately recognize skin color and facial contours in portraits. In real-time, it performs beauty processing on various aspects such as skin type, skin color, eyes, and facial contours.

Morpho RapidEffect™

Unlock a world of creative possibilities with DOOGEE DK10 and its Morpho RapidEffect™. Elevate your work to new heights as you explore a wide range of expressive options. There are 14 kinds of filters, each of which adds a captivating dimension to your creations, making them even more compelling and engaging.

Multiple Photography Features

Catch the Charming of Live in Different Styles


HDR Mode

AI Camera

Pro Mode


Google Lens

DOOGEE DK10 supports Google Lens. Search what you see, accomplish tasks faster, and understand your surroundings effortlessly. Translate text, save business cards, add events to your calendar, copy complex code, identify plants and animals. The possibilities are endless! Explore, learn, and engage with the world around you.

Underwater Camera

Embrace the artistic possibilities that DOOGEE DK10 presents, as it fearlessly dabbles in the realm of underwater photography. Prepare to witness your aquatic adventures unfold into delight.

64MP Night Vision Camera

Capture mesmerizing moments even in the darkest corners with DOOGEE DK10. Working with infrared, its advanced sensor technology and powerful image processing capabilities work in harmony to deliver exceptional image quality, even in the most challenging lighting conditions.

50MP Ultra Wide-Angle Camera

Catch Much Wider Field of View

DOOGEE DK10 makes photography a breeze, giving you a wider field of view in your photos with minimal effort. Capture those breathtaking moments to show the magnificence of historic landmarks, or the awe-inspiring beauty of natural landscapes... all in just one frame!

50MP Macro Camera

Explore the Tiny World

Get up close and personal with the world around you using the DOOGEE DK10's 50MP macro camera. This incredible feature allows you to explore the tiniest details of your subjects, revealing a whole new level of beauty.

16MP Telephoto Camera

Capture Distant Objects Easily

The 16MP telephoto camera of DOOGEE DK10 guarantees crisp and detailed shots, even when capturing objects at long distances. It empowers you to seize the beauty of distant objects and effortlessly highlight them.

50MP Ultra Clear Front Camera

With the cutting-edge 50MP front camera, your selfies will never be the same. Every click will grant you a mesmerizing collection of crisp, clear, and vibrant self-portraits that showcase your beauty in its purest form.

Professional Flagship-Grade Screen

6.67-inch Super Visual Screen for Delicate details and Brilliant Colors

DOOGEE DK10's AMOLED display presents true colors with professional color accuracy, precise borderless touch control, making operation much more natural.


Ultra-Visual Display

DCI P3 of 99.5% Coverage

Color Gamut


Atomic Matrix Display

Corning® Gorilla® Glass Victus®


sRGB Wide Color Gamut

Explore True Colors

120Hz Dynamic Refresh Rate

Display As Your Visual Needs

Experience cinematic delight with DOOGEE DK10! Immerse yourself in the action with its dynamic 120Hz refresh rate, ensuring a silky-smooth visual treat for your favorite action films. And its intelligent refresh rate adjustment feature saves power while delivering an optimal viewing experience for reading and browsing too.

High-Strength Corning®
Gorilla® Glass Victus®

Outstanding Anti-drop Capability

Excellent Abrasion-Resistance
and Scratch-Resistance

IP68 · IP69K · MIL-STD-810H

More Rugged, More Reliable

DOOGEE DK10 is a fully rugged phone that leaves no room for compromise. With its tough exteriors, reinforced components, and MIL-STD-810H certification, it withstands multiple drop tests on all faces, corners, and edges. It achieves IP68 and IP69K levels of protection, guarding against water, humidity, dust, sand, etc.




High-Quality Audio Performance

Born to Spoil Your Ears

Experience exceptional audio quality with DOOGEE DK10! Feel the richness of sound in the palm of your hand. Enhance your audio experience like never before!

X-axis Linear Motor

DOOGEE DK10 applies the X-axis linear motor, enabling faster and more accurate vibration response, and making notifications and alerts more noticeable and effective.

Flagship-grade Dimensity 8020
Octa Core 5G Processor

Unstoppable Performance

Unleash your creativity with DOOGEE DK10. This unstoppable device is powered by a Dimensity 8020 Octa Core 6nm processor, delivering lightning-fast speed and seamless multitasking for a smooth user experience.

6nm Process Technology

Containing Billions of Transistors for High Energy Density


High-Speed Data Transmission


Up to 2GB/s Read Speed


Increase in CPU Performance


Increase in GPU Performance


Reduction in Power Consumption

512GB + 2TB
Expansion Storage

Store More of What You Love
and Delete Less

DOOGEE DK10 is equipped with a whopping 512GB of built-in storage to accommodate your impressive collection of hi-resolution videos and photos from your travel. With the option to expand its storage capacity by utilizing a microSD card, you can add up to a staggering 2TB of additional storage.


Base Storage


Expandable Memory

* 2TB TF card needs to be purchased separately.

Empower Yourself with Limitless Storage Options

Experience the convenience of our cutting-edge technology that presents you with an impressive internal storage capacity. Unleash the full potential of your phone with the capacity to expand up to a remarkable 2TB. No more storage limitations, all your significant photos and videos are effortlessly stored.

(12Gb + Up to 20GB Extended RAM)

Support More APPs Working

With up to 32GB of RAM, you have the absolute power to handle multitasking and demanding apps seamlessly without experiencing any lag or slowdown.


Base RAM


Extended RAM



Enjoy Smooth Operation Without Slowdowns

DOOGEE DK10 offers ample RAM of up to 32GB for users to effortlessly switch between social media platforms, email clients, video playback, and other apps without experiencing slowdowns. Additionally, it ensures efficient app performance, reducing the need for constant reloading and resulting in quicker app launches and smoother overall performance.

120W Fast Charging

DOOGEE DK10 supports 120W fast charging, so you can power up quickly whenever you need it. Fully charged from 0 to 100% can be done in the blink of an eye.

5 Minutes

Charge from 0 to 50%

16 Minutes

Charge from 0 to 100%

* The data comes from DOOGEE laboratory tests.

50W Wireless Charging

DOOGEE DK10 supports 50W wireless charging, which reduces charging time, allowing quick replenishment of battery levels. It provides a convenient wire-free charging method, eliminating the hassle of cables.

25 Minutes

Charge from 0 to 50%

57 Minutes

Charge from 0 to 100%

* 1. The data comes from DOOGEE laboratory tests.
2. The 50W wireless charger needs to be purchased separately.

5150mAh Mega Battery

More Power, Less Worry

The 5150mAh battery ensures that you maintain your momentum and productivity effortlessly while enjoying uninterrupted entertainment along your journey.

24 Days


41 Hours

Music Playing

31 Hours


11 Hours

Video Watching

11 Hours

Web Browsing

* The data comes from DOOGEE laboratory tests, which was meticulously tested while keeping the volume and screen brightness of DOOGEE DK10 at a consistent 50%.

Support OTG
Reverse Charging

Power Everything Everywhere

DOOGEE DK10 can serve as a lifesaver sometimes. Feel free to recharge battery-powered electronics when you're on-the-go.

· Wireless Earphones
· Mobile Phone
· Smartwatch
· Others

Faster Wi-Fi 6

Ignite your connectivity with the blazing speeds of Wi-Fi 6. Embrace the future as this next-generation technology brings broader signal coverage, enhanced signal penetration, and improved battery life.

Latest Android 13

Get ready for a personalized, secure, and seamless experience with Android 13 on DOOGEE DK10. With a striking visual redesign, tailor the interface to your liking effortlessly. Experience heightened safety with new privacy features.

Accurate Navigation System

Your Ways Always in Your Hands

With DOOGEE DK10’s advanced navigation system, it ensures unparalleled accuracy, providing precise directions to your desired destinations.

L1+L5 Dual-Frequency Positioning

DOOGEE DK10 employs the dual-frequency positioning technology, ensuring swift and precise location finding for its users by leveraging satellite networks. It is able to receive signals from different satellites simultaneously, enhancing the efficiency and accuracy of the position determination process.

Side Fingerprint Recognition to Unlock

Forget the troublesome password or pattern and enter into the era of fingerprint unlocking! With the ergonomic design and dynamic pressure sensing technology, you can unlock your phone immediately at a slight fingertip press.

· 0.19s Response Speed
· 360° Identification Angle
· Capacitance Touch Sensor
· 508DPI Scanning Resolution

Side Fingerprint Recognition for Quick Access

After saving your fingerprint into the phone, not only can it act as a way to unlock your phone, it also doubles as a convenient shortcut tool for effortless accessibility.

Dual 5G SIM Cards Support

Stay effortlessly connected to the world with DOOGEE DK10. Equipped with the dual 5G SIM cards support, this device enables seamless connectivity, allowing you to experience the freedom of staying connected, wherever you go.

Dynamic Module

DOOGEE DK10 introduces new function, Dynamic Module, which redefines organization by seamlessly integrating your notifications, alerts, and activities into a single interactive place. Get ready to experience a whole new level of efficiency and entertainment!

Side Application Bar

With DOOGEE DK10's side application bar, say goodbye to endless scrolling and hello to instant gratification! Effortlessly reach the most frequent-used apps in a snap, making your life faster and more convenient than ever before.

Digital Toolkit

Useful Tools to Boost Your Work

A plethora of professional applications exist to expedite task completion and enhance productivity, which can also be used when you are out for adventures.


Sound Meter

Pic Hanging



Height Measure




Plumb Bob

Alarm Bell

Effortless Connectivity With NFC

Personalized Custom Button for
Smooth App Launch

Smart Gesture Control for
Smooth Operation

Package Contents

1 * DOOGEE DK10 Rugged Phone
1 * Type-C Cable
1 * 120W Charger
1 * Anti-explosion Film (Pre-applied)
1 * Packing Box
1 * User Manual
1 * Warranty Card

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