Large Screen for Immersive Viewing
Apr 12. 2024
Large Screen for Immersive Viewing

Usher In the Era of Large Screens with DOOGEE T30 Max


Since its market debut on March 18th, DOOGEE T30 Max has stirred a wave of excitement and garnered immense user favor, establishing itself as a pioneering force in the realm of large-screen tablet devices.

Needing a tablet with a large screen? Experience Immersive Upgrades with DOOGEE T30 Max!

Featuring a colossal 12.4-inch high-resolution screen supporting 4K ultra definition, 120Hz intelligent high refresh rate, and chip-level intelligent blue-light protection, the horizontal display ratio is elevated by 9.6%, immersing users in a top-tier large-screen experience. The brand-new large screen offers enhanced display efficiency with numerous advanced display features, such as a 10.7 billion color true-to-life display, 600nit ultra-high brightness, movie-grade wide color gamut, and HDR10 high dynamic range display, rendering every detail vividly and providing viewers with an unparalleled visual feast.

Embrace Long-lasting Power for Infinite, Comfortable Experience!

Equipped with an impressive 10800 mAh mega battery, bid farewell to frequent recharging as DOOGEE T30 Max ensures all-day uninterrupted usage! Presenting enduring operational capability, enabling users to savor the pleasures brought by digital technology fully.

Enjoy Both Action and Stillness with Soul-shaking Sound Quality!

DOOGEE T30 Max tablet integrates a proprietary quad-speaker super audio system with a 6cc oversized sound chamber and a high-low frequency division left-right channel design, creating a mobile cinema-grade configuration to heighten the immersive cinematic experience. Complemented by the all-new Hi-Res audio effect tailored by DOOGEE for the tablet, users are treated to a truly immersive auditory journey, with powerful low frequencies and crisp mid-high frequencies, allowing for a sensational music listening experience and an engaging movie-watching moment.

Epic Audiovisual Feast Awaits You to Delight In!

Benefit from the multi-platform audiovisual enhancement feature, supporting popular video platforms like Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and Disney+, enabling the enjoyment of high-resolution, HDR, surrounding sound effects, and other premium video resources for a genuine immersive audiovisual experience, allowing you to relish digital entertainment to the fullest.

Unleash Limitless Creativity, and Craft Individuality!

With the all-new DOOGEE Pencil 2 and DOOGEE Docking magnetic touchpad keyboard, users gain a broader canvas for creativity. Featuring 4096-level pressure sensitivity technology, DOOGEE Pencil 2 allows for precise capture of varying pen pressures, effortlessly achieving a natural and fluid-like writing experience on the screen, empowering users to unleash their creative talents.

Versatile Applications Cater to Your Diverse Needs!

With its robust performance, the T30 Max is a versatile companion for various aspects of life. It seamlessly blends the boundaries between work, study, and leisure. Whether you're engrossed in reading e-textbooks, taking notes, participating in video conferences for work and study purposes, or indulging in entertainment like watching videos, playing games, and listening to music during your downtime, T30 Max caters to a wide array of needs.

Its portability and convenience make it perfect for the modern, on-the-go lifestyle. Whether traveling and needing a lightweight device to carry along or setting up a mobile office for presentation meetings, tablets adapt seamlessly to your needs. In education, T30 Max plays a crucial role in children's learning and entertainment. Educational apps and games engage young minds, making learning fun and interactive. For creatives and artists, it offers a canvas for digital drawing and design work through specialized apps, enabling precision and creativity in every stroke. It also serves as a gateway to a world of reading and magazines, providing easy access to news, articles, and e-books for avid readers. Moreover, T30 Max is a hub for social media and communication, enabling users to stay connected by browsing social platforms, sending emails, and engaging in video calls with friends, family, and colleagues.

DOOGEE T30 Max delivers an unprecedented large-screen experience, enabling users to revel fully in the boundless joys of digital technology! Experience it now and embark on a brand-new journey of intelligent living! 

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