New Year Expectation
Mar 01. 2024
New Year Expectation

New Beginning, New Journey, New Leap


As the saying goes, "a year's plan starts with spring." On this auspicious occasion of the Spring Festival, the DOOGEE 2024 Spring Festival Gala with the theme of "New Beginning, New Journey, New Leap" was grandly held, where the people of DOOGEE gathered together to share the joy of hard work over the past year and look forward to a bright future ahead.

Leadership Address · Coalescing Efforts

General Manager Xin Chao reviewed DOOGEE's 14-year journey of staying true to its original aspiration and forging ahead, outlined plans and prospects for DOOGEE's future, and expressed heartfelt gratitude and high regards to the employees, global partners, and millions of users who have been on this journey together.

Looking back, DOOGEE has left footprints on the path of exploring innovation, creating outstanding products that exceed users' expectations by adhering to the principles of technological innovation and user-centricity, achieving numerous industry and market firsts, and establishing its current position in the industry, earning widespread recognition from users in over 50 countries worldwide.

2024 will mark a new strategic goal for DOOGEE, embarking on a new journey to achieve new leaps from a fresh starting point. General Manager Xin Chao encouraged partners, saying, "Although the road may be long, it will lead you there; although the task may be difficult, it will be accomplished." In the future, DOOGEE will continue to face challenges head-on, uphold user experience and sustainable brand development, drive continuous innovation, believe in the power of persistence, and strive forward with a new spirit and vision on a solid foundation.

Building Dreams Together · Consolidating New Journey

Time flies like an arrow, and the years flow like water. Looking back at the steps of 2023, the people of DOOGEE have faced challenges and obstacles on the path of perseverance, using sweat to forge achievements and growth, intertwining dreams with hard work and striving to create a magnificent picture. In 2024, a year of transformation for DOOGEE, we will continue to carry enthusiasm, uphold the user-oriented original intention, stand taller, see farther, believe in the power of persistence, and work hard for ideals and dreams.

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