Products Series Introduction
Mar 01. 2024
Products Series Introduction

DOOGEE Product Series Introduction


U-Series Tablets: DOOGEE's T-Series smart tablets are designed for students, young people, white-collar workers, and business people. The absence of products in the children's market has always been a regret for DOOGEE, but the introduction of the U-Series fills this gap. The U-Series tablets are specially designed for children, all with TÜV SÜD blue light certification, thoughtfully equipped with a liquid silicone protective case, and also feature learning and drawing software to help children study and develop intelligence. Since its launch in September, 2023, it has been well received in many offline regions such as Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and other countries.

T30 Pro Smart Tablet: DOOGEE's smart tablets have been well received in the market since its introduction in 2022. T30 Pro is DOOGEE's first flagship-grade tablet, which was released in June 2023, continuing the advantages of its predecessors T10 and T20, while combining the industry-leading industrial design. It also features an 11-inch super large screen with 2560*1600 ultra-high-definition resolution, and is powered by the powerful 4G chipset MediaTek G99. This configuration has made many tablet manufacturers hard to catch up with even in 2024. DOOGEE T30 Pro achieved great success in Japan within a week of its launch by becoming an Amazon Best Seller. Meanwhile, DOOGEE received a plethora of orders of T30 Pro from key markets like Europe and America, propelling DOOGEE to cement its dominance in the high-end tablet market.

S-Series Rugged Phones: S-series rugged phones are DOOGEE's mid-to-high-end series, focusing on high-performance rugged phones. The S100, a high-performance outdoor rugged phone released in March 2023, is equipped with the most powerful 4G chipset MediaTek G99, a 100MP high-definition camera, and leather-like back cover with CMF craftsmanship. In the second quarter of 2023, the S100 soared to the top spot in the price range of USD 150-200 with a monthly average shipment volume hitting 20K units! Additionally, the S-Series has introduced S100 Pro, S110 and Smini. S100 Pro is the first rugged phone with a 22000mAh large battery and 900 lumens camping light. S110 is the rugged phone with a multifunctional dual screen, and Smini is DOOGEE's first mini-sized rugged phone equipped with the G99 chip and a dual screen. The market's enthusiastic reception and industry accolades for the S-Series introduction speak volumes about its exceptional performance and quality!

V-Series Rugged Phones: V-series rugged phone are DOOGEE's flagship-grade series. V MAX is DOOGEE's first flagship rugged phone released in 2023, which is the industry's first one to adopt the MediaTek Dimensity 1080 chipset, featuring a 22000mAh ultra-large battery, 33W fast charging and a 108MP main camera. V Max redefines the configuration of outdoor rugged devices with large battery. Additionally, DOOGEE has also released V30 and V30 Pro. V30 is the industry's first rugged phone to support ESIM, while V30 Pro is the first rugged phone equipped with the configuration of 12GB RAM + 512GB ROM and a 200MP camera. DOOGEE V30 Pro was voted by the social media Gizmochina as "the Best Rugged Phone of 2023".

DK-Series Rugged Phones: DOOGEE's new series for rugged phones, DK Series (Duke Series), aims to be the way outdoor enthusiasts unveil the wilderness. Through the DK Series, DOOGEE emphasizes the luxury aspect of a rugged phone by showcasing its premium design, high-quality materials, and elegant aesthetics. In the DK-series rugged phone, this luxury element intertwines with the beauty of nature, highlighting how a rugged phone enhances outdoor experiences by its ability to capture the essence of nature, present strong connectivity features, and conquer the great unexpected extreme conditions in the wild.
In the DK-series, DOOGEE works together with Morpho® in photography, blending in advanced algorithms, which allow outdoor enthusiasts to capture the essence of luxury and the untamed beauty of the outdoors, creating a visual masterpiece with every click. Except for the photography system, DK-series rugged phones also feature high configuration in design, display, processor and other performance, ensuring an exceptional user experience like never before.

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