S89 Series Announcement
Aug 12. 2022
S89 Series Announcement

Doogee S89 Series -- The Super Solution To Your Power Anxiety

Modern smartphones are getting more and more powerful and for that, they require more power to unlock their full potential. The new and versatile Doogee S89 series was engineered with the hope of solving this problem.

Doogee S89 series article | Doogee
Doogee S89 celebrates the success of one of our old designs. With the Doogee S88 series, a new standard in rugged phone aesthetics was set. The S88 combined a large battery power with the whimsy of RGB light, the secret sauce to its success and remains one of the highest-selling models.

Using that same template, the S89 was built to stand out in the overcrowding rugged phone market. It packs a powerful 12000mAh battery with battery optimizing software to keep you going. Managing to squeeze that amount of battery capacity into a smartphone just of 400g is an engineering feat. According to the lab tests, it is usable for two to three days on active use.

It is no secret that rugged phones are built for serious jobs, but who says we can have fun with them? That's why the S89 series comes with a completely customizable breathing light on the back. Users can choose their preferred colours, the order they should appear, and the speed with which to appear. The lights can also be assigned to different functions such as notifications, incoming calls, voice assistance, etc.

Doogee S89 series article | Doogee
When you hear a large battery, it sounds good until you realize you have to recharge it at some point. Our fast charging technology is up to par with our large battery ambitions. The S89 Pro will ship with a 65W fast charger (the first rugged phone to ship with a 65W charger), which is capable of recharging the battery from 0 to 100% in about two hours. The S89, on the other hand, only comes with a 33W charger.

For cameras, the S89 series features a tri-camera setup, with the S89 Pro going for a 64MP + 20MP + 8MP set up on the back. The S89, on the other hand, comes with a 48MP + 20MP + 8MP setup. Both devices main cameras are tuned to get the best out of every shot that is taken. Both the 20MP sensors are for night vision, and finally, the 8MP sensors are meant to be used for ultra-wide shots. Just so you know, Sony built all the sensors used on the rear of this series.

Doogee S89 series article | Doogee

Under the hood, the S89 series trusts the MediaTek Helio P90 to handle its performance. The S89 Pro will then pair the chipset with a base memory configuration of 8GB + 256GB. The S89, on the other hand, features an 8GB + 128GB base memory setup.

It goes without saying that the S89 series is waterproof and dustproof with its IP68 and IP69K ratings. It is also MIL-STD-810H certified, making it drop-proof. Furthermore, it also comes with NFC, runs Android 12 OS out of the box, reverses charging, custom button, and many more.

Pricing, Availability, and Giveaways

The S89 series launch date is earmarked for August 22nd on both AliExpress and Doogeemall.

Between August 22 and August 26, the S89 series will see heavy discounts on AliExpress, with the S89 Pro's original price of $459.98 USD slashed to $229.99 USD. The S89, on the other hand, will see a 50% discount, bringing its original price of $399.98 USD down to $199.99 USD.

Doogee has also provided a $10 limited-time coupon for further discounts. This coupon is only available for very early buyers, so the earlier you place an order, the cheaper the price you get.

There is also a way to win one of these rugged phones for free. Doogee has two ongoing giveaways in which winners will be selected and sent a free S89 series. To learn more about the giveaway rules and prizes, click here to visit the S89 webpage series.

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