The Inspiration Behind Developing V20
Mar 23. 2022
The Inspiration Behind Developing V20

The Inspiration Behind Developing V20

Rugged phones are no longer just for industry workers and outdoor enthusiasts. They're becoming increasingly popular. As a result, we at Doogee set out to design a phone that is durable enough for the outdoors while yet including features that make everyday use easier.

We came up with V20 as a solution. The plan was to design the V20 as a unique tough phone that would appeal to both rugged phone fans and customers who merely want it for everyday use, we concentrated on three primary areas.


Most people are concerned about the weight of tough phones. The battery accounts for the majority of the weight. The V20 has a 6000mAh battery, rather than the huge 8500mAh battery found in its predecessor, the V10. Before you assume that this has an impact on the phone's performance, keep in mind that the V20 has an AMOLED display and a slew of smart power-saving features.

The Main Screen

When it comes to displays, the V20 offers two unique options. The first is a 6.49-inch AMOLED display on the front, and the second is a 1.05-inch display on the back.

Rugged phones, in general, do not have pricey displays because they are built to take a battering. The 6.49" Samsung FHD+ AMOLED display of the V20 was removed for obvious reasons: to appeal to daily consumers. Plus, it's past time for outdoor enthusiasts to have their own phone with all the bells and whistles.

The Rear Display

We wanted something to make V20 stand out when we were developing it. The V20's rear display stands out while also serving as a handy function. How many times have you flipped your phone to check the time at work and ended up in the Instagram rabbit hole?. With the rear display, you get what you just need to move on. You also dont have to light up the whole 6.49” display to check the time especially when you are running low on power.

Other features & Availability

V20 comes with a lot of other great features such as 8GB +256GB memory, 33W fast charger, 15W wireless charger, 64MP main camera, 20MP night vision camera, carbon-fiber finish, and many more.

Doogee V20 is currently listed on the AliExpress, Banggood, and Doogeemall. Visit the V20 webpage to learn more.

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