World's First Rugged Phone With a Laser Rangefinder
Apr 06. 2021
World's First Rugged Phone With a Laser Rangefinder
Founded in Spain in March 2013, DOOGEE is a smartphone brand which caters to the niche rugged segment of the market. In October last year,
the Hong Kong-based company launched the world’s first infrared night vision rugged smartphone,
the S96 Pro. The durable handset boasts thebrand’s signature military grade IP rating along with large battery and memory specs.

Now, rugged smartphone specialist DOOGEE is planning to unveil the S97 Pro, the world’s first such smartphone with a professional laser distancemeasurement function.
The S97 Pro’s professional laser distance measurement function has multiple uses in various contexts. With it, users would be able to measure
distances between objects or points on the field, measure height of objects as big as trees and rocks, and more all done remotely, from a safedistance.
Will be more convenient for home improvement,
as well as for wilderness adventures
DOOGEE hopes to innovate the rugged smartphone sector with the materialization of its unique ideas.

No exact launch window has been given by the rugged smartphone maker as of yet. The release date for the S97 Pro is likely to be announced soon. For now, members of the public will have to wait for further notice from DOOGEE.
About DOOGEE Hengtong Technology Co., Ltd
DOOGEE is a technology company that was set up in Spain in March 2013. This contributes to the high performance of its products as well as their beautiful design and features, smart operation, and “micro-innovation”.
DOOGEE’s new slogan is “Live Your Life,” delivering fashionable products with new technology, with the aim of becoming the most popular smartphone supplier in the world.
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